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Innovative. Dreamers.

NeurCG provides cutting-edge Ai-based graphics technologies and services that allow one to produce realistic human faces. We have scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. It all began as a game that rapidly became a dream. Today we offer innovative and intelligent services to different industries such as online fashion trail and videogame developers.

We listen carefully to our potential clients to correctly understand their needs and exceed their expectations of our product. We know how to analyze information so that our offer is always adjusted to the changing needs of the market. Be part of the change and become our client! Contact us to learn more about NeurCG.


How did we get here

NeurCG is a start-up project that started a year ago when two scientists specialists in machine learning and computer vision, decided to transform science into business. No one could possibly imagine that a paper could turn into a project, but with the guidance and support from MAX!mize (a program of the Max Planck Society) this desire turn into a reality. The support from Max!mize has not been just financial, we are trained in different aspects that are needed in a company, such as marketing, commercial and financial strategies that have been key elements in the development of our dream.

The Dreamers

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